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Fantasy Resort Adult Vacations in Costa Rica


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...or here for our 2008 Party

and reserve your place at our PRIVATE VILLA (not the Lighthouse!) for the May 2009 birthday party by writing to us at info(at) Cost is $2500 for a full week including your sexy escort companion and all activities. Note: It does not have to be in May---or 2009!.  You get the guys/we make the party.

Dream Getaway Packages or Adult Vacation Packages can be mixed-and-matched to suit your most exotic, erotic dreams and budget. The packages here are merely suggestions. Dream Getaway works with you on a personal basis to truly make your dreams realities. If your fantasies are something other than snow skiing, we will make it happen... Please note that some people think these prices include companions. They do not The companions set their own prices, varying from $200 to $600 per day.

Family vacations, unique honeymoons, executive retreats and Adult Vacations have never been easier, safer or more fun. All you have to do is tell us what you want in an adult vacation, family vacation, executive retreat, or honeymoon and we make it happen. In this troubled world, Costa Rica is among the few travel destinations without a U.S. State Department travel warning. Contact us now to find, love, lust, excitement or peace and tranquility in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. In this world of mass-marketing and volume, we remain your personal tour guides and friends from the moment you arrive to Costa Rica.

Click on title for resort details and pricing.


This package is so new that we have yet to come up with photos or pricing---BUT IT IS AVAILABLE NOW. Take the cheaper flight to San Jose and stay in a modern 3-bedroom home in the country.  Take horses to explore all you want.  Camp overnight along crystal clear streams.  Go to the beach/theater/shopping. Enjoy all-natural home-cooked meals.  This would be a great honeymoon or anniversary adventure. Just write to us at: INFO (AT) 1DREAMGETAWAY.COM and we'll get all the information and work out all of the details for an affordable, extended stay in Paradise. READ ABOUT IT HERE.



Click on any of the photos below to see how we can save you significant money by coming to Paradise and actually enjoying a trip to the dentist.......\



Sometimes all you need is some time alone to recharge your batteries. Peace, quiet, beautiful surroundings---no phone. Do what you want/when you want (and things you could never do anywhere (or with anyone) else but 1 Dream Getaway. Get some exercise if you would like (see our 2008 party outing, and imagine it is just you). We'll meet you at LIR, take you up the volcano, show you around, and even give you a guided horseback tour if you would like---or just leave you alone. You can even take all-day quiet walks through our national park to amazing sights, as shown in our Dry Forrest Volcano Package.or soak in the natural hot springs.

3-day package (adjustable to your desires) for $500


Our travels and connections in the adult vacation business have brought us to some spectacular real estate and property deals. Our friends, neighbors and associates are Ticos who have always lived in the real Costa Rica. Due to deaths and other circumstances, 1 Dream Getaway is now helping them find a way to get by, and you get buys of a lifetime. We can bring you for the sole purpose of looking at real estate in Costa Rica, or combine your vacation travel with an adult vacation package. Who knows? Perhaps you'll find a dream home with the love of your life. As always, 1 Dream Getaway is with you every step of the way.  Please read our real estate offerings below and think about owning your little piece of Paradise in Costa Rica.:

The most desirable Costa Rica properties have beach views and rivers running through them,  and are selling for $200,000 to $400,000 for a building lot. We now have two farms available for sale due to family deaths, and can give you Tico prices. Book a trip with 1 Dream Getaway (with-or-without companion) and come to see what we have to offer: An acre for 10% the price of a building lot.  We're talking about prime locations with good roads and near shopping with full utilities availability. We will soon have a link here so you can see some photos. 



1 Dream Getaway Private Villas Package

Overlooking the Pacific, our 2 to 4 bedroom private villas have pools, barbeques, stereo/TV, maid, consignor, and are near to jet skis, horses, canopy tours, quads, casinos, spas, local night life, fishing, diving or virtually anything you desire. There is a $500 refundable deposit. These photos were taken on the first day of our first annual May Birthday Party.

1 Dream Resort Package

Now you can fly into San Jose (cheaper) and take a connecting flight right into your resort. We will also meet you at LIR, and escort you by car to the tropical paradise of 1 Dream Resort (about 2 hours from Liberia, Costa Rica). As we say on our HOME PAGE, Costa Rica roads here have become all-but impassible, and so it was Divine Intervention that we found this new opportunity for you to live your dreams in Paradise.



Even the bar by the hot springs is just a roof built around a tree. The tour guides are very professional, and you can see what few have seen of Costa Rica. Everything here is done so as to integrate with nature. There are 200 horses on-site, but you can also take a tractor or walk through the beauty of Costa Rica Naturally. This package can be combined with the nearby Dry Forrest Volcano or one of our beach resorts. They can also arrange tubing, rafting canopy tours and a giant water slide.



 Day Tour of a local farm

On his fifth return with 1 Dream Getaway, a client bought 165 acres of Costa Rica dry forest. In a couple of years, there will be a wedding chapel, a bed-and-breakfast, and some really choice building lots. He has offered us the exclusive opportunity to share untouched Costa Rica with our clients for these next two years. We'll take you there by FWD, and a walking tour with monkeys, butterflies, and native dry forest flora and fauna for $100/person. If you are not up to hiking and hill climbing (to 1000 meters above sea level), we'll arrange horses for $200/person. This is your chance to see Costa Rica before they pave Paradise and put up a parking lot.


Your Dream on a Budget

Dinorah - Your dream vacation getaway on a budget. Cheap travel. Great deals on travel. Good vacation deals.

Everyone has dreams---at least anyone who is truly alive. The sky is not the limit for everyone, however, and 1 Dream Getaway is aware of that. Adult vacations can be affordable for nearly every man and woman in the erotic, tropical paradise of Costa Rica. This package offers two resorts---both on one of the world's most beautiful, tropical, pristine and undiscovered beaches in the world. Just think of Miami Beach without the people, and replace the buildings with palm trees. Click on Dinorah's picture to learn all about them. Remember, BUDGET prices are subject to change until we receive your deposit.


Build Your Own Executive Villa Package

Build your own vacation package

This package demonstrates the flexibility you have when you ask Dream Getaways to turn your dreams into realities - whether you are planning a private place for your Board of Directors to meet, a safe place for the kids to wander while you renew that relationship you have been ignoring for so long, or a place for you and your friends to find love or lust in one of the world's most beautiful settings. A huge private villa for you and your wife or husband, for you, your friends, or colleagues and their families - the perfect exotic, tropical location for your executive meetings and retreats - or for you and a beautiful, sexy companion. This unique resort on the Pacific Ocean in northern Costa Rica is new and still under construction. The prices cannot be beat anywhere, nor could you ever find a match for the breathtaking beauty of the architecture, exotic local woods, and construction that pays careful attention to details. No cars are allowed in the private, exotic paradise. Along with your house keys (which you won't need) you are given the keys to your personal electric vehicle to travel the grounds or go to the beach. English is the main language spoken at the Dream Getaway Executive Retreat Resort. Click on the photo or link to learn more.


1 Dream City

If you wish to be self-contained in your resort, with hourly activities such as Spanish and dance lessons, water volleyball, live nightly shows, a disco, full-service spa and casino, this is the place. You never have to leave to go shopping, fishing, jet skiing, diving, gambling, eating, drinking or swimming.

We'll be waiting at LIR, and you'll be there in less-than a half hour of when you land for $190 per person per night.


Fantasy Party Package

fantasy party package

There is always something for you and your companion to do at the Dream Getaways exotic tropical Party Resort on the Pacific Ocean. Play games in the pool, take Spanish dance lessons, enjoy nightly live shows, non-motorized boats and beach activities, a nature walk, and two discos that go all night long. Relax in the magnificent pool or on the beautiful tropical beach. The Dream Getaway Party Resort can only be reached by a romantic ferry ride across the Puntarenus inlet from the Pacific Ocean---or by flying into the private airport. Eat whatever and how much you like in the formal restaurant or snack bars, and enjoy all the alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages you wish. The tab is on us! Tennis, golf, scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, motorcycling, sightseeing trips are all at your fingertips. There is even a little mini-mall complete with hair stylist.


Fantasy Private Tour of Costa Rica

Kyra will give you a private tour (and anything else you want.)

If you want freedom to do what you want when you want it - this is the package for you. No rules/no boundaries. Show up at the airport of your choice in Costa Rica, and your companion, who you will already know, will be waiting for you. If you did not go where and experience what you wanted, it is because you did not ask for it. Streets do not have names and buildings do not have addresses in Costa Rica, and so the traveler can easily get lost. Our sexy companions know their way around, and can take you to exotic, erotic or private tropical beaches, secluded hideaways and to erotic, exotic or peaceful places you will not find on a standard tour of Costa Rica.


Fantasy Golf Vacation Package

Fantasy Golf vacation. Come one, come all.

Stay with your companion in one of the most beautiful 5-star golf resorts in the world. Alternate between two championship golf courses (one located outside your room, and another a 20-minute drive). Enjoy countless on-site activities like tennis, dancing, eloquent dining, deep sea fishing, motorcycling, horseback riding, kayaking and surfing. Eat-and-drink all you want in the many on-premises bars and restaurants. Enjoy the Dream Getaway private, tropical beach ! Everything is included except the golf and airfare. Dream Getaway will make your adult vacations turn out as you wish they did in your dreams.




Fantasy Beach Package

Southern Beach Resort Northern Beach Resort
Dream Getaway Southern Beach Resort
Click photo for more details.
Dream Getaway Northern Beach Resort
Click photo for more details.

Stay with your sexy companion in one of the Dream Getaway Beach Resorts. Every luxurious room at the Dream Getaway Northern Beach Resort has an ocean view of exotic, tropical Pacific beaches from your air-conditioned room. Eat-and drink all you want from the on-site tropical bars and restaurants. Enjoy the huge free-form pools, or the lavish beaches. At the Dream Getaway Southern Beach Resort, you can play tennis, try your luck in the casino, or sign up for a host of activities available on-site. Your exotic, tropical beach is private and huge. Eat and drink all you want all day and all night. We pick up the tab.

*Not all of our beach resorts have casinos, so let us know if that is what you like. We have two different Beach Packages listed on the Fantasy Beach Package page. One with a Casino and one without. Click on the Northern Fantasy Beach Resort link at the top of the Fantasy Beach Package page to visit the non-casino vacation page. Click on the two photos above for more pictures and details of our exotic tropical resorts. The left photo is of the Southern Beach Resort, and the right photo is of the Northern Beach Resort.


Fantasy Volcano Villa Package

Rustic remote volcano villa package

Stay at the base of an active volcano where the climate is fresh and breezy. Watch from your room as the lava glows at night, and feel the ground shake as the periodic eruptions rumble. Take in the night life of the local town or relax in the hot waterfalls from the volcano. Take a canopy tour or go horseback riding to see the monkeys and wildlife as you head directly to the volcano. Go white water rafting. Take in the Saturday night disco. Spend the day swimming at the base of a beautiful waterfall. Erotic, exotic - or relaxing and restful, the Dream Getaway Volcano Package can take you away from it all - or keep you where it is happening. You can also ask about our Cool Volcano Resort, where the temperature is always cool. The volcano is not active, but you can be - or just relax in a remote not so tropical paradise within the varied climates of Costa Rica.


Dry Forest Volcano Package

The world's largest dry forest is a National Park here in Costa Rica.  You can hike through beautiful scenery and along hot vents spewing steam from this active volcano, and boiling ponds. There are horses on-premises so you can ride to a canopy tour or hot springs.  Tubing and white water rafting are nearby.  Baby Kathy is 8 months old in this photo, so you can see it is not a taxing hike. No bugs.  Nice and cool. Please click on the title or photo above for details.



In your world travel, you will find that no one listens to you like 1 Dream Getaway. We're always trying to improve ourselves, and our UNDISCOVERED BEACH RESORT answers some of our clients' desires. Here you can combine an executive retreat or meeting with a beautiful companion in an adult vacation, or treat your loved ones to a family vacation. Here you can cook and eat in your villa or suite or have all your eats and drinks included in a great restaurant and bar in a private, erotic paradise. Here you can make love on the beach in one of the worlds most scenic settings. What a place for a honeymoon...or to treat someone really special!

On-site, there are no casinos, no discos, no live shows, no golf, tennis, motorcycles, fishing boats, scuba diving boats, horses, motorcycles, rain forests, active volcanoes, or quaint little shops. But they are not far away, and 1 Dream Getaway is always standing by to take where you want to go. There are also no bugs. Everything is wide open, unless you choose to close yourself into the beautiful air conditioned suites or villas. Be sure to click above (on any of our packages) to learn more. Our clients have learned to love White Beach as non-all-inclusive. We'll either stock your room or take you shopping. Let your companion wait on you, and eat in the dining room or on your ocean-view veranda while you laugh at the people across the bay paying $1285/night at 4 Seasons.


All of our packages for Exotic Adult Vacations require an 10% Deposit at time of booking. Full Payment must be made 30 days prior to departure. Bookings made within 30 days of departure are subject to immediate payment in full. Cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee.

All Major Credit Cards accepted. CONTACT US for more information, and live your dreams in the exotic tropical paradise of Costa Rica.


Spend a day fishing, a day golfing, playing tennis or pool, go motorcycling, horseback riding or white water rafting for the day or overnight, sleep with your sexy companion under an active volcano and enjoy the hot springs, and spend a few days on one of the our tropical beaches if you like (based upon availability of reservations). We always have someone at your fingertips to take care of you. We do not take a commission or payment from our companions. You can come alone, with friends, with your family, or arrange to have your companion "meet" after you have decided which package(s) you would like. Travel from one package to another is quoted separately, again depending upon your adult vacation or family needs. Fall in love or fall in lust - or just play it by ear. If you can tell us what adult vacations mean to you, we can make it a reality. It is up to you.

For each package on this page, we quote the TOTAL PACKAGE PRICE per person per day with no hidden charges. Our Budget Packages are not all-inclusive, and include the price for two people. As 1 Dream Getaway Territory is being discovered, prices are headed skyward, so we can no longer guarantee quoted prices until we have received your deposit.

We will also find the right package for you if it is not listed here. We are not pimps and our companions are not whores. Upon request, we can place you in the midst of a selection of prostitutes in a safe environment where your accommodations are not sleazy and there are other activities on-site. This option is not listed here as a package, but feel free to request information. Our companions are beautiful women (and men) with goals and lives of their own. They are smart, friendly, loving and cheerful. We turn your dreams into realities. We will arrange the type of companionship you might desire, and we do not receive a fee from our sexy companions.

We also welcome business from families, executives, honeymooners and groups. We recognize that the single traveler often wastes his precious vacation time seeking suitable companionship. We will find the right companion to make your dreams realities. If you want to come alone - or with friends who want to take in all the magnificent sights and activities Costa Rica has to offer - or maybe find "companionship" on a short term, we can easily direct you to the right places. We can assist you with air travel if you like, and strongly recommend you arrange to fly into LIBERIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (LIR), as opposed to SJO.

Costa Rica will always be a third world country because of its government.  However 1 Dream Getaway Territory (Guanacaste, Costa Rica) has been dubbed the next Hawaii. Hyatt, Marriot, Club Med, and many others are scrambling to build here, and as we advise clients who want to buy property that they missed the deals, properties here continue to double (and more) in price. Travel to Costa Rica is easier than ever, and often shorter than flights within the U. S.. We remain the only personal service in Costa Rica, and will make every effort to match you with your dreams. Thanks for visiting our pages, and we hope to meet you and turn your dreams into realities.






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