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We received some negative comments about the photo we had here previously, so here's a new one. It is of Pequi, Wendy and Ariel learning new dance steps as we spent a wonderful day at the beach at sunset, along with our dogs.  Living in the part of Costa Rica that is Paradise leads us to take things for granted. Being small, we can work with only the clients, companions and resorts we enjoy being with. Few can have such freedom, and we really do appreciate that. We get fooled on occasion---both by clients and companions---but not for long. And in case anyone is wondering, no, I have never once had sex with any 1 Dream Getaway Companion. I find it better to get to know them, appreciate their beauty, be thankful for not having a terrible life as many of them have had, and hope that some day we can make a positive difference in theirs.

 This business started in order to give Costa Rica prostitutes a way out. It took a long time to learn that there are prostitutes who simply want to be whores, but as time goes by we filter them out. Our City Tour was designed for clients who only want to come to drink, gamble and screw. Although we have had many inquiries for the City Tour in San Jose, Costa Rica, we never actually had a client take it. One only needs to open his Yellow Pages and look for ESCORTS to find a prostitute in his back yard. That is not why we are here, nor is it why our clients come. Our last client led us to many insights as to how people  react when reading  for the first time.

We really don't do a volume business, nor could we handle it.  Occasionally, we receive inquiries from people price-shopping or looking for the cheapest whores in Costa Rica. We let them keep shopping.   The client mentioned above is returning in July, and his companion can hardly wait.  Over dinner on his last night here, he remarked about a photo of her that we had sent to him just before he traveled to Costa Rica.  His companion mentioned that she spent four hours on a bus going to Santa Cruz to buy a new outfit just so she looked nice for him in the photo.  He commented: "If you had told me that before I came, I would have cancelled, as I would know you were full of it. I skimmed through what you say about arriving to be greeted by friends, and accepted it as a sales pitch. The fact is, on the plane I was just planning what I would do if I got off the plane and no one was there to meet me.  I never suspected that everything you say is true, but it is."

We hope that this client will soon become another 1 Dream Getaway success story, as 2006 has had four engagements so far. Unfortunately, some of them did not work out---hence photos disappear from the Companions Page, we learn from our experiences, and try harder next time. Life is too short to scam people for money, and as long as our clients are honest with us, we do a pretty good job of matching you with the right person and the right place. We're pretty excited that women are now giving us kudos and coming to live their dreams in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.  Travel here is often shorter than travel within the States. We take pride in what we do, and are extremely thankful for the many friends we have made along the way.

Many of our letters ask questions about what to expect from 1 Dream Getaway companions. The answer is that their job is to make you happy. They make sure that you step off the plane at LIR with a broad smile that does not leave you the entire time you are here, and that you leave Paradise planning your return to Costa Rica with us. Our companions have not failed yet. Yes, our policy is that your companion will be exchanged within 24 hours if you are not happy, but that has yet to happen. I once worked for a large company who taught us the "7 P's" --- Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. This applies as much to your play as it does to your work. Whether you are looking for a wife, a soulmate, a friend, a companion, an escort (for business or pleasure), or just an exotic week stepping into another life and forgetting your troubles, 1 Dream Getaway will make it happen. Life is too short. Don't let it pass you by.

For those seeking Adult Vacations, Page 1 of our Dream Getaway Companions Pages escorts you with some of our original companions, who have now moved on, many with our former clients. Page 2 shows some of our other earlier escorts. Some of our companions do not allow us to use their photos on the website, and we aim to always match you with the perfect escort for your adventure in Costa Rica.

Please do not ask us about the escorts on this page - they are no longer 1 Dream Getaway companions. Our current companions are pictured on PAGES 1 - 4. Let us escort you through paradise, where the streets, homes and businesses are always filled with music, and the rhythms that vibrate their bodies are as much a part of the sexy Ticos (the men and women of Costa Rica) as their native Spanish language. You will have no concerns for your safety when you come to Costa Rica with 1 Dream Getaway, and your friends will be waiting for you as you step off your airplane. There are now direct flights to Liberia (LIR) with American, Continental, Delta and U.S. Air.

Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica, and readily available. If you got this far along in the 1 Dream Getaway pages thinking you will find porn and raw sex, I'm sorry we wasted your time. Our companions are real people with real lives and real feelings. Many are college students working towards their career goals. As many Gringos are attracted to the honey skin, affectionate, attentive ways, and alluring eyes and hair of the Ticos (Costa Rican men and women), so the Ticos are fascinated by the eyes, skin, hair and look of the Gringos. If you are looking for adult vacations purely for sex, we will schedule a Sexy Singles Vacation Package for you (very inexpensive) and you will have absolutely no problem finding as much sex and as many sexy prostitutes as you could possibly handle without leaving the confines of your hotel. You can stay in a nice, air conditioned room with cable TV---or in a luxurious suite. There is also casino gambling and sports betting on-premises. This is the “city side” of Costa Rica. As with all of our Packages, Dream Getaway is always there for you and assures your safe travel and that your needs are always met.

To answer the questions we receive about the "City Tour", we arrange to have you picked up at San Jose (SJO) and driven to a hotel in the center of the city. There is a restaurant/bar downstairs next to the large casino. The second floor has big screen TV, lounges, and Sports Betting. There are several floors of nice, air conditioned rooms with TV. A selection of prostitutes waits in the bar, and when you take one upstairs the Front Desk takes her papers, and holds them until you tell them everything is OK. For this service, we charge $150/night plus $50 for transportation (both ways). What the girls charge is up to them, and you negotiate your own deal.

Many 1 Dream Getaway companions are hoping to find Mr. (or Ms.) Right. The Latin way is loving, caring and pleasing one's partner in every way. Our clients are lavished with attention - and it is not the kind of attention that is suddenly forgotten once the "paid hour" is over. For a Tica, age is not a factor. They want to feel loved, wanted, and appreciated. 1 Dream Getaway Companions will make all of your doubts and insecurities disappear. Many of our clients suddenly "discover themselves" while they are here. Don't let life pass you by. CONTACT US.

To give you an insight on the women of Costa Rica, we reprint below (with permission) an article from "MY TICA", an online publication. :

Why I Love Ticas Over 30

I am still a relatively young guy (approaching 30), but the friends I have in Costa Rica who have the most luck with women aren't the proto-typical young bucks that get all the ladies in Hollywood romance flicks. After having lunch with an amigo who's in his early forties and exchanging tica war stories, I began to realize that the men who REALLY enjoy the women of Costa Rica are men over 40. Ticas generally prefer older men, but after getting to know enough of the women under 25, I think the real gems are Costa Rican women over 30. Those who have seen a little suffering, who have a child have been through a bad relationship or two understand the value of a good man. My buddies in their 40s back in the U.S. could never hope to get dates with some of these gorgeous, cultured ladies...but here they beat them off with a stick. What's so great about thirtysomething Ticas? Well, they:

  1. Are Less Likely To Be Gold Digging -- Once a woman has married or fallen in and out of love with a man only for his liquid assets, they usually learn that there are more important things.

  2. Are More Independent -- When a Latina is over thirty and single, she is normally very independent (or in some instances, undateable) and self-sufficient. This is a plus in a society where women aren't taught to think for themselves.

  3. Are More Confident -- Women over 30 anywhere are normally more in control of their lives, know what they want and are not shy about asking for it.

  4. Have A Job -- A financially independent woman in Costa Rica is hard to find, but chances are better if she's over 30.

  5. Think Like Adults -- Ticas are wonderfully sweet, but sometimes live in self-constructed, soap opera fantasies. The local women over thirty are more grounded.

Whether you date a Tica who is 19 or 49, they are generally very loving, passionate and beautiful. However, I don't suggest that everyone fall into the Gringo habit of chasing little girls when there are so many disgruntled, and VERY available women over thirty in Costa Rica who are basically ignored by Ticos (who are also busy chasing 18 year olds). For a long term relationship with a chance of's a much better bet.

More Commentary On Latinas
Published with permission

What can I say? I just never tire of extolling the virtues of Latinas. However, in this version I'll try to offer a little more balanced opinion on the pros and cons of dating and becoming seriously involved with a Latin woman.

I personally have been on fire with the ladies in the past few months. Why? My theory is always that as it comes closer to Christmas, women around the world scramble to find a man, any man. I'm happy to be 'any man'. I'm not too picky either, which helps. What keeps me as tickled as a schoolboy at his first post-prom party is how darned aggressive these Costa Rican women can be.

A Latina is NOT afraid to make it known in a hurry that she is interested. The flirting is never subtle and not meant to be misunderstood. Unlike the nearly imperceptible signals that North American women (henceforth referred to as 'gringas') give off, a Latina lets you know that you are the target of her interest. When faced with the unabashed gaze of a Latina out on the town, I regularly find myself turning my head around to identify the gentleman she's eyeballing. My next, equally (if not more) pathetic move is to gesture to myself, as if to say, 'You mean me?', and then it begins.

Talking to these women is just so much easier. They smile, engage you and are rarely afraid to offer you their phone number or ask to see you again. So accustomed am I to
hearing 'no' (or stories to that effect) from gringas, I often forget to ask for a Ticas phone number until she asks me for mine. I cannot even envision this scenario in a bar in say...Boston. A kick to the groin would be more probable.

Ah, but after the first date and the second, comes the rub. Latinas can tend to get very, very serious very fast, or on the flipside, may be incredibly aloof. I'll address the first and more common scenario. You go on a date, it seems nice and then the Tica begins calling three times a day. Before you know it, her toothbrush is by your sink. Within 60 days, the sleepovers have turned into her living in what was YOUR bedroom all but one day a week. Moving in it seems, is a top priority. This is understandable as very few Ticas live outside their parent's home until they are married. Just be warned: they WILL move in if you let them.

The other type is the totally aloof girl trying to be a player. Many Ticas are spoiled by the throngs of foreign men who are all too willing to give them whatever they desire. So where one is good, three is better? A lot of the better looking women are masters of dating multiple men at the same time. They can disappear and reappear in a man's life with the skill of an illusionist. Dumbstruck by their beauty and Latina charm, many gringos fail to assemble the clues that they are not the only love in her life, and that she does not intend to choose just one. Be alert: if you play the role of sucker, some Latina is waiting to abuse you.

I guess the general advice I would give any man dating Latinas for the first time would be to set limits. Be stern, yet fair as most Latinas respect a man if he takes control and makes some rules for them. Be aware of the varying desires and motives of the women in Costa Rica based on their social status, financial position, age and civil status (single, divorced, widowed, etc.). The two most important tips I can offer are to learn the language and take your time. There is no hurry in this game and it is crucial that you can talk the native tongue if you ever want to play at the highest levels.

The photos on this page were taken on various adventures, and are published with permission. None of our clients have forgotten their companions, and some are in daily communication and have made travel plans - or have come back more than once - to reunite with their companions. We are very jealous of the confidentiality of our companions and our clients, and there are many more photos we do not have permission to use on our public Internet web page. The people in these photos did not spend hours before a mirror preparing to have their pictures taken. They are always attractive, clean, and well-dressed. And they always look great without makeup, fake boobs or false eyelashes. The beautiful vision who greats you at the airport, or in your room, is the same one you will see when you wake up in the morning. COMING SOON: Our 1 Dream Getaway Girls at the Beach photos. That's right, we finally our friend, a professional photographer, to take some impromptu photos at the beach. Thanks, Buddy. You can see some of his photos on PAGE 3.

Once you have decided which of the packages (or which combination of packages) match your dreams and fantasies, we will work together to find the right companion with whom you will live out those dreams and fantasies. We always have new companions and new resorts, so please do not hesitate to ask about anything that will fit YOUR PERSONAL NEEDS. BE VERY CAREFUL!! 1 Dream Getaway companions are habit forming (but they are not hazardous to your health). We look forward to working with you. You will find your travel to Costa Rica more pleasant and less time-consuming by flying into Liberia International Airport (as opposed to the most common destination, San Jose (SJO or Juan Santa Maria) in Alajuela, Costa Rica). Once you have arranged your adult travel with us, you will come relaxed and ready to live your dreams---whatever they may be. Try to give us as much advance notice as possible---and to get your reservations in as soon a possible. The busy season is upon us.

Your friends at Dream Getaway Adult Vacations


was introduced to us today, and rarely do you meet someone so bubbly and happy and full of life.



Isa is 28, 5'2" tall and weighs 128. Her eyes are a captivating black and she is a neighbor to us, although originally from Nicaragua. Remember that Guanacaste, Costa Rica was once part of Nicaragua. She has two boys (5 & 3) who live with their mother in Managua. She has a high school diploma and we met her as she was taking care of a sick neighbor of ours (a Gringo) who had several heart attacks. She supports herself from bringing sandals and clothing across the border to sell to our neighbors.


She has been single for a year and a half, and no longer wants to be so. Isa's ideal man 30 to 40, white, tall, blue-or-green eyes, who is stable and wants to be with her forever. She would like to treat him as her knight in shining armor and live forever in love.  Isa says she "loves sex" and wants nothing more than to have it with one man forever. She is a real beach person, but cannot swim and needs you to teach her. She also loves horseback riding. Her dream is to live with you and her kids in the US, give you a good home, and continue her education (beginning with English). She would also like to have another baby that is only yours (only with marriage).

Isa LOVES to cook (fillet mignon, chicken, soups) and loves salad and dancing. Her favorite is romantic music. She wants to always wear sexy clothing and make a man feel like a man. All you need to do is write to info (at)  to start the ball rolling.  Why not today?????




We introduce you to Karen Jensen. She's 56, never been married, and now believes it is time. We've been dicussing with Karen the idea of an introductory stay at a 1 Dream Getaway resort followed by a trip to our Cocos Islands for a week of unbelievable livaboard diving. We're ready...and she's ready...when you are.   Here's what Karen has to say about herself:

My name is Karen Lee Jensen. Born in New York/and finished HS in NJ I then joined the Air Force as a MEDIC and got stationed in Ft.Walton BCH,Fla.received my BS degree in Science and after 5 years of teaching PE in Fla/La. I joined DODDS(Dept.of Defense) and landed a Physical ed job in Germnay and taught there for 5 years!Got to see Europe!Then moved on to PANAMA and taught PE for 6 glorious years and also became a DIVE MASTER there! Learned how to sail a J30 also!When we gave canal back all DODDS teachers had to leave so they sent me to Seoul,Korea for 3 years!No comment! Then  I finally got OKINAWA,Japan(where I am teaching now for going on 8 years).Love living on ISLANDS since I was born on one(Staten Island,NY). I now am spoiled and dive all the islands in South East Asia such as;Borneo,Palau,papua New quinea,Bali this Xmas,Phillipines,Thailand,etc.
Never been married and have no children! Don't need much but am looking for a soulmate to enjoy the better years to come (hopefully) planning to retire in one year if I don't get a transfer?I have OFF for 2 months over the summer and go to MOMS first for 3 weeks near Lake Placid,NY.Then my summer is FREE!
Interested in meeting SINGLES ONLY-None smokers-social drinkers-in pretty good shape (as I am) and happy-go-lucky!



Is a world-traveled military lifer who has been single all of her life. She is financially independent and spends her free time diving around the world. She's ready to settle down, and can meet you in Costa Rica for the vacation of a lifetime.  Her choice would be to spend a week on a live aboard dive cruise to Costa Rica's fantastic Cocos Islands. Maybe it is time to think of a real, responsible woman who is not an air head or a gold digger.



is the latest 1 Dream Getaway girl looking for a man---and just coming of the age to do so.  Her voice is so sweet it makes you melt.

Born August 16, 1989, Marissa stands 5'5" and weighs 110 pounds. She loves the water and would love to learn to dive. She is a high school grad, has no kids, and loves horses.  She drinks socially, does not smoke, and dreams some day of seeing Miami. Marissa currently works as a waitress.


CHRISTALIN SANTANA is our newest member.  Born 12/15/72, she has a winning smile and lights a room when she walks into it.  She stands 1.7 meters and weights 105 pounds. She works in a restaurant as a waitress/bartender and is part way to her degree in Resort Management. Christina loves to try different things, and is looking for someone who can be faithful to her and work together with him in their own business. Please note that since posting this profile, we have had lots of communications with Chris, and find her to be an intelligent, sincere person with whom we enjoy talking. We really think you would enjoy her company---especially if you are entertaining the possibility of a life-partner.

Christina came with her girlfriend, Altagracia, who was born 3/5/74, stand 5' and weighs 100 pounds.

Alta just wants to settle down with someone who really cares for her, and would be equally happy as a work partner or a housewife. She can live anywhere, and knows nothing of Costa Rica's resorts and activities.


Valeska - beautiful sexy companion for you.

Dream Getaway Companions are not store-bought goods. They are real people with real feelings. They fall in love, go on vacations, find other work, grow up - and so do not take this page as a "shopping cart" page for you to place one in your basket for check-out. There are as many men-and-women in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica looking for love as there are man and women dreaming about them. Dream Getaway turns those dreams into realities. We do not at this time have photos of male companions for display on the internet for you ladies, but do not hesitate to contact us. Dream Getaway is not a sleazy sex operation, and we plan to be around for a very long time. Your actual companions will be introduced to you once we know you are serious about coming to fulfill your fantasies.
dark skinned party girl as your escort pretty asian girl to serve you
Dream Getaway has a number of very private, exotic, tropical locations that you will not find on any Costa Rican tour page. These photos are of a day trip we arranged to travel to an exclusive island in the Pacific. We stopped to snorkel along the way, and brought food and beverages to enjoy on the exotic, tropical island beach after exploring the caves and climbing a cliff for a spectacular view. Dream Getaway can do this on a group or individual basis (with-or-without companions)---even arrange for you to camp out overnight as your guide catches and prepares fresh seafood. YOUR WISH IS OUR COMMAND. More photos are available upon request, and we have photos of other private exotic tropical locations.
loves to party walking on the beach - beautiful lady
lady on beach nice butt! lady laying on beach

After a day on the water - fishing, snorkeling, diving, sight seeing, sailing into the sunset - we sometimes relax in a local beach bar or restaurant or dress up for a night on the town. There is always something to do---or nothing to do---it’s YOUR dream!

party girls to be your personal companions She's looking at you!
Oh, she definitely wants you! Check out this sexy Asian girl!

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After you make your reservation with us we will send you specific photos and info about our companions so you may choose the one with whom you would like to fulfill your fantasies. The more time you take to describe yourself and your desires, the better able we are to find the right resort, the right activities - golf, tennis, white water rafting, horseback riding, rainforest tours, surfing, dancing, discos, motorcycling, deep sea fishing, butterfly farms, pool, kayaking, entertainment, private beaches - and the right sexy companions with whom to share them.

Here is a letter reprinted (with permission) from MY TICA, to help you understand what it is like to be with a Latin woman:

Here are some pros and cons that my friends and I here in Costa Rica have found while playing the local dating scene for the past five years.

1. Jealousy -- Whether it's due to a local culture where men are regularly dishonest in relationships...or just something in the Latina blood, Costa Rican women are notoriously jealous. Be prepared to receive a bunch of phone calls asking "donde estas?" at all hours when you're deeply involved.

2. Time Consuming -- Related to part # 1, Ticas who consider themselves your "novia" expect a LOT of your time. This means regular dates, phone calls, surprise visits and long weekends.

3. White Lies -- I'd never say that Ticas are dishonest, but they do tend to invent "white lies" if they are uncomfortable with the truth in certain situations. I'm more used to hearing BIG lies from Gringas (i.e. "it's your baby"), so while these little untruths (i.e. "I couldn't come over because my mom's sick") might bother some, they're not hard to read and they usually aren't meant to harm.

1. Caring -- Unless you were a toddler last week, it's tough to remember a time when you were so coddled with unfettered affection. A Tica will take care of you in ways you forgot a woman could and without any sense of degradation or expectations of payback.

2. Sensual -- Ticas are just so darn beautiful and sexy. Their sex appeal is primal, unashamed and constant. They reek sex and by most accounts, are fantastic in the sack.

3. Low Maintenance -- While this may seem to be contrary to points # 1 and # 2 of the Cons list, if you can get over those two demands, there aren't many after that. Ticas just want a man who is honest, caring and faithful. They don't expect constant emotional support, plasma TVs or vacations to Paris to keep up with the Jones's.

I have my grievances with Ticas, but in the end the pros still outweigh the cons in my case. If nothing more, the quality and beauty of the women I date here overshadow the B.S. I tolerated from far inferior females in the U.S.

Retirement Corner
By George Lundquist, Retirement Expert
I am constantly amazed at the diversity of backgrounds of people who have chosen to live here. Most of us come from climates that are too cold in winter and too hot in summer. I have said for years the only States with good climate are California and Hawaii. Of course, for us financially impaired folk, we can not afford to live in either.

Well, let me tell you about my new friend, Robert Stewart. He was raised on a farm in Northern California. He went to UCLA, was drafted, served his two years in the Army and then because he loved horses and surfing went to Maui, Hawaii to maximize his surfing time. He became friends with some of the US Park Rangers and soon got a job as a Park Ranger. He bought a small farm back when the land in Maui was cheaper than in the US and was very happy doing the things he loved most.

During his career the Park Service transferred him to duties in Colorado, Washington State, California, and back to Hawaii. He married a very successful Attorney while in Washington State who later divorced him and took much of the assets they had accumulated through the years. He suffered a severe neck and back injury when a horse fell on him and he began to draw a Disability check of a little over $1,000/ month. He is in his mid fifties and except for a lot of neck pain and headaches, he tries to stay active.

A friend invited him to meet in Costa Rica to check it out. He said he had many friends through the years who had come here and all encouraged him to come down and try it.

So he booked a trip, but when he got here he could not find his friend and started touring around the many beaches and rural areas on his own. He was overwhelmed with the beauty of the country, the fantastic people he met, and the variety of climates. He found a very rural farm near Santiago de Puriscal and bought it with money he got from mortgaging his little farm in Maui. He says it is like having his own National Park. The rent from the Maui farm covers the mortgage payment.

Now for the best part of his story; he was looking for a less remote farm to build a house with a couple of rooms to rent out when he fell in LOVE. While he was standing on the edge of the road looking out over a beautiful mountaintop that has a view to the Pacific and back up the Central Valley, a bus stopped and a woman with a young lady stepped out with their shopping bags and proceeded to walk to their home. He engaged them in conversation about the land he was looking at as he was stricken with the young lady. He bought the land and now the young lady lives with him. She and her family treat him like a king.

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