The reason for this page, and more to come, is explained in SANTA CRUZ, COSTA RICA

Sadly, the answer is that you come as a billionaire. Costa Rica has never been a place where someone comes to make their fortune, but we at 1 Dream Getaway must now confess to our recently-discovered realities, which pertain to adult vacations in Costa Rica. Legalized prostitution was Costa Rica's solution to the many beautiful women  with babies, who had no Welfare system upon which to rely. 1 Dream Getaway's solution to the problem of mothers prostituting themselves in the streets to support their children was to find true boyfriends for those women, and fathers for their kids.  In doing so, two ideas eluded us:

1. That guys who can pay for sex by opening their Yellow Pages would actually spend the time and money to come to Costa Rica under false pretenses to have sex with a Tica.

2. That girls with families, who are walking the streets and hanging out in bars to have meaningless sex with drunks, would actually WANT to spend their lives that way.


PLEASE NOTE that this is NOT to say that our Companions are all prostitutes, or ever  were.  We never have and never will pass off a prostitute as anything else.  Anyone seeking Costa Rica prostitution will find it much quicker and cheaper to take our City Tour or go to Hotel Del Rey,  where they can make their own deals with any variety of prostitutes by the hour or by the day.  However, before doing so we recommend you read our warnings about San Jose in COSTA RICA NEWS.   WWW.1DREAMGETAWAY.COM continues to work with honeymoons, marriages, business meetings and the handicapped on a one-on-one basis, but our adult vacations continue on a limited basis. There are also various Costa Rica prostitution services on the internet. Please don't confuse 1 Dream Getaway as one of them.

An experience today with Isabel Campos enlightened us, and certainly soured us on the idea of offering adult vacations in Costa Rica. One thing you can always count on with us is the truth, and as the truth changes we intend to tell you. This page is written August 7, 2008, and our next few days will be spent adding foot notes and pages to the descriptions of some Companions on our six pages of escorts in Costa Rica; in hopes of helping you understand what can happen and how some of these girls think and behave.  We always promise our best in answering all of your questions with honest answers, and have never intentionally misled anyone.


As my grandfather always told me: If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said.

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